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Edward Hancock II

Thrills, Chills and Spiritual Ordeals!‚Äč

The Imperfect Blog

SONday Sermon - Reality Check

Posted by EHancock2 on April 26, 2015 at 8:20 PM

I'm an author. I'm sure most of you know that, if you've been on my Facebook page longer than a minute. I'm also a Conservative and an unapologetic Christian. So, it should probably come as no surprise that I support any Christian establishment that doesn't wish to make a cake for a gay wedding. Furthermore, I support the gay bakeries called by pastors and speakers like Josh Feuerstein in their beliefs not to make a Westboro Baptist style cake that would read "God hates fags". No, I don't believe God hates sinners, no matter the sin. God is a father afterall. We don't always approve of the actions of our children, but does that stop them from being our children? No. Neither does being gay or being a butthead from Westboro Baptist stop a person from being God's child. God loves sinners like you and me. But he hates and is saddened by sin. Even atheists are God's children. They've just chosen to estrange themselves from Father God. Freedom of choice. Go on with ya atheist self then.

That being said, I believe God's ways are higher than our ways and God created us with the spirit of free will. Some eatery owners choose, through free will, to have "free sundae sunday". My local sonic restaurant has a special on hamburgers every Tuesday while the KFC has a chicken special on Wednesdays I believe. Nobody gripes at this. Why? Because the consumer is GETTING a deal. But what if a restaurant has a ladies night? Ladies drink or eat free, but men pay regular price. Many restaurants do that, but I have never heard a complaint if one's been made. Men are being discriminate d against, but nobody gripes? At dallas comic con, kids under 12 get in for 10 bucks! But if you turn 13, you're paying adult price. Why? You can't drive or vote or drink a beer at 13. Under the law, you're still a kid. Why do they get away with this discrimination but let a person not wanna serve a gay wedding and suddenly we need to have a court case!! Gotta force that amoral cause on people! What's funny is, now they've been ordered to pay $135,000 because "we reserve the right to refuse business to anyone" has been overridden by activist judges spending christophobic bribe money. Because the christophobic definition of "tolerance" means Christians have to tolerate everything, but if you do anything of which we don't much approve, you are going down, son!

That's bad business. As a small business owner, I'm deeply saddened to see my rights infringed upon! I HAVE to sell my books to an atheist? I have to sell my books to a racist that would hate Hispanic Alex being married to Caucasian Lisa and having little "swirl" babies? (Note: swirl is the term my son once coined for himself. He was 9 or 10 at the time and declared he was not biracial or mixed or anything. He was "Swiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrlllll". Save your hate. If a nine year old boy can coin it about himself, it's ok in my book!) Moreover, now I have to sell to the dogmatic Baptist or Methodist or Catholic or Lutheran or Church of Christ or Messianic Jew that, I promise, will find something to dislike, owing to my desire to shun dogma and stick to what the Bible says? Seriously? I have to sell to people I KNOW aren't going to like my books now? Why? When my books have obvious Christian overtones to them? Friends, those are one-star reviews waiting to happen! A one-star review can turn away thousands of potential readers, based on lies and prejudices of the READER, but now you want me not to soft sale my books if I think the person may not be my target market?

Let me be blunt. It is MY business! Those are MY books! They are the product of MY imagination and MY hard work! If I don't want to sell to a person because they are black or because they are able-bodied or because they have blue eyes or because they're gay, atheist, catholic, named William or because it's on a Tuesday at 10 a.m. when they approach, I will do it. This is my reputation on the line and I have not only a legal right, but a God-given right to refuse service. Period!

Are muslim bakeries and delis gonna be forced to make me a BLT now? No. We gotta protect their rights, so we are told. Are gay bakeries being told they have to make a cake that says, "we support traditional marriage"? Nope. Gotta protect their rights. But Christians can't refuse service in a country built on Christian principles? I know many of my friends support that idea. And as much as I love you, you're an idiot and an oppressor. And you need to respect my rights before it ends a relationship or 50. There are thousands of bakeries in America. There are untold numbers of WRITERS in Texas alone. If my books don't suit you, I almost always have at least one booth mate. Often, there's another booth up the aisle. And Amazon has millions of books just waiting for you.

You have the RIGHT to choose another bakery, restaurant, deli, book, or whatever. You do not have the right to force me, at GOVERNMENT GUN POINT, to give up my free will and lay down my individual principles. You do NOT have that right. And to my friends, Christian and not, it is really time you realized that. Josh Feuerstein specifically found gay-friendly and gay-owned bakeries in his experiment. If this random guy with a cell phone and Google can find it, so can you. I have 2 authors on my page that write erotica for straight folks. I have at least one whom I consider a great friend, who writes gay fiction. Folks, I'm not writing erotica. I'm not writing gay fiction. I'm not gonna write a message that says "God hates fags" either, unless I'm trying to show those people what idiots they are!

I'm not gonna be coerced to accept something I believe to be wrong. I'm simply not. Period. I will stand with my gay friends against attacks by muslim terrorists seeking to behead them. I will stand with them against Westboro Baptist. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter who or what they are, but if you think you're gonna force me to accept something against my better judgment, you might wanna pack a lunch and dinner because we are gonna be here a while.

Tolerance is not a word the left can use to systematically remove God from everything. God made everything. And whether God is a particle of matter like science suggests, or God is light as the Bible asserts in Genesis, God is God. And, to me, God is everything. You don't have to agree. But you HAVE to accept it. Period. You HAVE to. And you have to choose another business establishment. To attempt to force millions of Christians to your will? That is to incur the wrath of The Father. And though you may not believe in Him, many of you do believe in karma. Believe me when I say, God is Karma. What you do to His people today will haunt you in the future.

How does the Bible put it? "No weapon formed against you may prosper." "If God be for us, who can stand against us?" "Vengeance is Mine...I shall repay."


We are waking up. And we are going to stand up, folks. Don't start none, won't be none. That's how I always say it.


If there was only one bakery in America, maybe you have a case. But there are thousands. What you have is choice. You can be a grown up or you can act like a spoiled brat that needs a spanking. So let's choose wisely. You want respect? Give it. Because you're poking the bear. And the bear is not gonna sleep forever.

Leave God's children alone. This is not a playground. We are not seven. The time for bullying and Christophobia is over. You can have your cake. You can have your wedding. You can't have my country. You can't kill my God.


Sorry for the angry tone this morning, but it needs saying. I've tried for a solid hour to type something else. Anything else.

This is what needed saying today.


Have a great SONday, peeps!

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