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Edward Hancock II

Thrills, Chills and Spiritual Ordeals!‚Äč

The Imperfect Blog

Two Updates

Posted by EHancock2 on June 14, 2018 at 4:30 PM

So, for this post, we have comic con updates and site updates. There's really more than 2 updates all together, but the focus is in those two areas, hence the admittedly misleading title. LOL!

Site updates: I've gone through my links and deleted (I think) all of the dead links on the page. I'm also in the process of adding a few things to the page that will help me in a goal of being more cyber-friendly to my readers and fans. I want to add a store to my page for one. That'll be coming, but I don't know when yet. Initially, it'll just be for my books. It may, in the beginning, contain amazon and other such links rather than a link to buy the book directly from me. HOWEVER, my ultimate goal is to work with my team to enable us to get set up where you can buy books directly from me. I know Amazon and what not are easy and familiar, but there are so many taxes and fees that are just horrendously egregious. You wind up paying about twice the price for the books than you really should, by the time you buy them from Amazon. (Speaking specifically of the paperbacks). The kindles are still very reasonably priced, so there's no need to rock the boat there. But the paperback prices charged at most online markets are just inappropriate on my personal opinion. So, I'll be working on a way you can get the books from me. I may give you the option of buying them from Amazon OR from me. I know some people would just rather buy from Amazon. I get it. It may cost more, but by god, it's amazon.We'll think about it on this end and see what we can do.

I may have some other surprises for the site, but I don't want to say too much until I'm sure they can be added to the site directly.


After my Dallas post, I attended Kilgore Geekend and Longview Comic Con. I have been a fixture at the Kilgore Geekend since its inception. It's a small con, but always fun to do. Had a great time this year, as always. It's not a con where you meet big celebs or whatever. It's an opportunity to celebrate geekdom, comic books and shop cool products. Don't go to this con unless you're planning on spending a lot of money. This year alone, I was one of four authors there. There were several voice actors too, including Josh Passmore. If you haven't heard of him, google him. Great guy and very talented person.

Just a couple weeks ago, I attended the Longview Comic Con. A new event put together by AVC Conventions. They also run Alabama Comic Con, Mississippi Comic Con, Louisiana Comic Con and Arkansas Comic Con, as well as several Anime Festivals and I think some other events. These guys really have their stuff together. On top of having my own booth, selling books and such, I also gave 2 presentations. As a fan, I enjoyed it because I was also able to meet WWE Legend Jake the Snake Roberts!

So, needless to say, I've had a wonderful time over these past two months. The rest of June and July are freed up to write and do some of the web work I spoke of above. August, I'm planning to go to Geek'd Con, but only as a fan, not as a vendor/artist/guest. As of now, I don't have anything planned in September, but that's subject to change. I have a busy October, though. More on that as it approaches. November and December are up in the air at the moment. I don't have anything planned but, again, that's subject to change as we get closer.

That said, i'm already looking into events for next year. It'll be a repeat of this year on some level. Many of the events I did, or will be doing, this year are on the calendar for next year. But I hope to add several others that I was just unable to do. ArlingCon for one.

I have a couple of health issues that I have to get in check. My doctor recently diagnosed me with Low Testosterone. Not a surprise, honestly. I've known that since they found a pituitary tumor in 2004. I was on Testosterone previously and it helped me a lot. Recently, I've noticed brain fog and general weakness, poor sleep. Just a ton of symptoms. But the brain fog and lack of focus has really been a detriment to my writing career.

I go to the doctor on the 20th and hopefully I can get the testosterone flowing again. Ideally, that'll help me think more clearly, opening up the creative flood gates. I can tell you the books I'm working on, even amid the brain fog, will ultimately be great books. I won't finish them (purposely) until after I've begun the Testosterone treatments. That way I can look at them with clear eyes and work without brain fog.

I want the books to be their best and, frankly, I just cannot deliver that in my current state.

So, for now, I look forward to the future. Lots of changes, but all fo the good!

Till next time, this blog is brought to you by the letters W, E and H and by the number 2.

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