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I always enjoy hearing from my fans! You can contact me on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/EdwardHancockII  Or Like my Author page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorEdwardHancockII

My preference is that you use my author page, as Facebook as taken to banning people like me without warning or without reason. Yet I reported 3 anti-semites yesterday and Facebook tells me their comments were not against their terms of use. I have multiple access points for my author page. However, if Facebook permanently bans me, I still have my email. (See below.)

I'm also on Twitter! Follow me @EdwardHancockII
(Edit: As of late 2018, TWITTER decided to ban me after I reported a death threat I received from another twitter user. It was the 3rd such death threat I had received. Each time, I was told DEATH THREATS do not go against their terms of us. But apparently me reporting them did. So unfortunately Twitter decided to permanently ban me. I've contacted multiple politicians in Texas and D.C. We'll see if they actually do anything about it. I have my doubts.)

Fans wishing to send me E-mail can do so on Facebook or by Emailing [email protected]
(I do answer all of my own e-mail.)
(If E-mailing, please use a relevant subject line, such as "Book Event", "Interview Request", "Speaking Opportunity", "Fan Letter" or simply "Question". Thanks!

I can be reached for signings, speaking engagements, etc using either Facebook or E-mail.

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