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Edward Hancock II

Thrills, Chills and Spiritual Ordeals!​


Friends of Edward

a list of links to websites of other writers

Patty Wiseman

Website for author Patty Wiseman.

Lynn Hobbs - Author

The website for Christian Author Lynn Hobbs

Ann Everett

Website for Author Ann Everett.

Aaron Paul Lazar - Author

Website for New York writer, Aaron Paul Lazar.

Laura Eckroat

The blog site for my friend and fellow writer, Laura Eckroat. Wonderful Children's 


Christy Parks - Author

Website for C.L. "Christy" Parks.

Jean Lauzier

Author Jean Lauzier's website and blog.

Gay Ingram's Blog

Comparing Apples to Orange

Writing Links

Helpful links for writers

Every successful writer needs a website.... I chose for my page.

Writer's Digest

Who among us does not read writer's digest? If you don't, you're not really a writer, in 

my opinion.

Writer's Market

Looking for a place to publish your work? Here ya go! This site will help you find a 

place for most of your work. It includes publishers, magazines, contests and a host of 

other things.

Sally Stuart

For the Christian writer... a search engine much like writer's market, but more focused.

A site similar to

Toast Masters

Every writer needs to be a public speaker.... if you speak, you sell. If you can't speak 

well, you won't sell as well.


Freelance jobs for hire... I've interviewed several people who've tried this and they all 

say it is reputable and profitable. Caveat Emptor, you get what you put into it.

"Book Therapy"

If you need a jumpstart... or maybe just need some help getting that "baby" to grow... 

My Book Therapy might be the place for you.

Angie's Diary

A good place to build your platform

Kevin McLeod Music

Thanks to Kevin I, and many of my friends, have been able to create AWESOME book 

trailers for our projects.

Piney Woods Books

Gay Ingram's secondary site


Gather is a great blogging site. I'm disappointed to say mine has fallen into disuse, but 

Aaron Paul Lazar (see link in Friends section) is a master of Gather blogging. I'm very 


Public Libraries

A list of the public libraries in America. I HAVE found that it's not a complete list. Many 

of the small-town libraries are not on this list, so be sure to also GOOGLE libraries in 

your area that you might otherwise have missed, but this will give you a great start!

Funky Finds

A site "dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters and designers worldwide..." 

They've recently expanded to include authors in their "finds."

MGD Creative Writing Resources for beginners


This website was sent to me by a young aspiring writer in Colorado. Her teacher

 reached out to me and asked if I would include it. I'm grateful to be able to inspire the 

next generation of writers! Best of luck in your future, Megan!

Conferences and Groups


NETWO's annual conference happens every April. I've been to many conferences and 

HIGHLY recommend this one to everyone I encounter.

Oklahoma Writer's Federation Inc.

I've only been able to attend this conference once, in 2010, but I have to tell you it was 

AWESOME and I am planning on returning soon!


ACFW is an AMAZING conference! And it's held in a different location across the

 nation every year.... AWESOME opportunity for the aspiring writer to learn a LOT!